About BwA Woodturning

BwA Woodturning offers one of a kind, artistic and functional woodturnings. We specialize in custom wood laminations, made of domestic and exotic woods.  We have also become well known for our color pencil bowl and ornament creations.


Bruce is a graduate from Sheridan College – School of Craft and Design. His furniture has been featured in many galleries and published in various magazines and books. After a motor vehicle accident, Bruce had to leave both his teaching and woodworking career. After a long rehabilitation, he re-entered the artistic world. His passion for wood, strong design sense and love of the wood lathe, led to the creation of BwA Woodturning.

We are a small family business that take pride in the quality of our work and providing you with excellent customer service. As Bruce spends most of his time creating wood shavings, Tracie is always available to talk with you by phone, email or through the website, Facebook and Instagram.  At shows, you will also meet Henry, the best father in law Bruce could ever wish for.  Without his help, we wouldn’t be able to get out and meet you at so many shows.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone.  With Covid-19 came the cancelation of every in person show.  We quickly re adapted to a strong online presence on FB and Instagram. We are participating in Virtual Artisan shows.  We are now excited to offer you direct online shopping of our One of a Kind woodturnings on Shopify.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we so look forward to meeting you online or in person at the many art and craft shows we hope to return to in 2021.