GNOME Birdhouse Ornament -  Camo Extreme

GNOME Birdhouse Ornament - Camo Extreme

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The birds have taken over the Gnome’s house.  I am sure they are happy to share.

This adorable ornament will add a special touch to any Christmas tree or window.

Roof tuned of “Camo Extreme” Spectra-Ply laminates.  Body is turned of “Grey” Spectra-Ply laminates.

Spectra-Ply is made from thin strips of Baltic Birch that are dyed and glued together.

A micro decorative bird completes the piece.

This is an ornamental birdhouse for decorative and indoor use only.

Total length is 4” in length and 2” at widest point in diameter.

A fabric ribbon to hang on tree is included.